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#Doghouse channel policy:

The Policies and conduct enforced in #Doghouse is both simple and straightforward. #DogHouse is the K9/DogTag and CService Help channel. It is here to help Users on Chatnet with any K9/DogTag or CService problems they may encounter with Chatnet registered channels and nicknames. It is operated by Chatnet CService Members. 

1 - Idling in #DogHouse is NOT permitted. 

2 - Do not try to assist other Users while in #DogHouse. Only CService Members and staff are permitted to do so.

3 - IRCops are only allowed to sit and observe in #DogHouse when they are opered and are in fact watching #DogHouse (not even IRCops are allowed to Idle). 

4 - #DogHouse is NOT a chat channel. If you do not need assistance, please /part #Doghouse.

5 - If K9 is not present, go to #Chatnet for problems such as needing ops in your channel.

CService Members do NOT have server access to op you.
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